Logs and Firewood


Logs at World Mega Traders are dried to a moisture content of below 20% therefore achieving maximum efficiency and heat output and avoiding the need for seasoning and outdoor storage. Ideal for use on all wood burning appliances


  • Available types: Wood shavings, Wood chips, Saw Dust, Firewood, Acacia logs
  • Pack Size: 10-15 logs per Net
  • Pack Weight: 6-7 kg
  • Log Size: 20cm

What is the benefit of using World Mega Traders Dried Logs ?

  • It burns better and hotter than wood with a high moisture content.
  • Less tar and soot produced, which means your chimney or flue need less cleaning.
  • When burning wood with a high moisture content most of the energy produced goes into drying the wood. Burning World Mega Traders dried can be up to 80% more efficient.
  • Easier to light.
  • Clean and very light to handle.
  • World Mega Traders Dried Logs are insect & bug free which means you can store indoors without any nasty surprises.
  • Mould free. Mould spores are also killed off during the drying process.

World Mega Traders Dried Logs are made from FSC Certified timber, sourced from sustainable resources. 5% VAT applies on this product for domestic fuel use. We ship worldwide

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