Guide to ISPM15



ISPM15 is an international standard for phytosanitary measures which is being progressively implemented throughout the world. Already some 28 countries have adopted the standard; a further 21 are in the progress of doing so and about another hundred countries have signaled their intention to bring the requirement to their national regulations.


Each country throughout the globe have different IPSM15 guidelines and restrictions. It is important that you check the country and their specific guidelines provided by Timcon. Please check their website directly for further full/updated info.

Why is Plant Health Certification for Exports Necessary?

Countries which have signed up to ispm-15 are entitled to refuse entry at their frontiers to goods on wooden pallets, crates, spools or any other wood packaging unless it has been treated, marked and certified in accordance with their regulations. World Mega Traders has been providing a heat treatment which meets the demands of ISPM-15 and since the introduction of the plant some four years ago, has become experienced in all needs of the wood packaging producer and user. Pests and diseases can be carried on plants, seeds, wood and wood products. If you intend to export such material you must comply with the importing country’s plant health regulations. The controls may require physical action by the exporter and official inspection and paperwork. Controlled products usually must be accompanied by a Plant Health (Phytosanitary – pronounced ‘Fyto- Sanitary’) Certificate issued by one of the Plant Protection authorities of this country declaring the goods to be free of harmful organisms.